Any company’s workflow usually based on many root business processes. Choosing a counterparty, entering into a contract, placing and execution an order, conducting a promo action, all these are business processes.

Some companies have such processes described, and all the processes steps ordered, but many companies don’t have any instructions so executor acts as he wishes.

The former chooses a counterparty which strongly fits certain defined requirements, while the latter prefers one which is liked by the responsible person. In other words, the latter makes a decision which is driven by subjective criteria not linked with your business objectives.

Automating business processes you are increasing transparency of your company’s activities not for executives only, but for regular employees as well. Besides the opportunity of applying employee’s creative abilities is coming out just where it might be useful.

Our company offers a business process automation based on the solution set proved by many projects. Wide experience of system integration allows us to adjust the common solution to fit your business’s features totally.

Implementation success mostly depends on initial analytic work quality, including business analysis and business capability map development.

One more important factor affecting implementation success is the employee’s acceptance of new systems and involving these systems into the usual working process. Usually our company does three main things to get an employee’s acceptance:
First, we inject new solutions into the existing IT landscape, integrating its with legacy solutions.
Second, we pay much attention to graphical user interface in order to users have no doubts regarding the meaning of certain buttons.
Third, we conduct initial training for client’s employees and prepare all required documentation for our solutions.

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